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Yurtspaces is the USA’s leading company in providing the finest yurts. Yurts can be used year-round. Suitable living for all types of climates. A yurt is a substantial round tent frame of wood or steel along with decorative interior features. Yurtspaces provides authentic Mongolian Yurts and handcrafted European Yurts at great prices

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  • Mongolian Yurt units

    Mongolian Yurt units

    Yurtspaces offer many authentic Mongolian yurt patterns and designs in the YM and YML series. The solid colors include white, tan and green. The support frame is steel in L series and wood in standard version. The frame is hidden by three layers of protection including a decorative cloth for interior walls. Optional additional insulation is available 1.Exterior is waterproof canvas. Available in several styles and colors. Or use the wool for the exterior. Anything is possible 2.Middle layer is wool felt for additional insulation 3.Interior layer of silk type cloth is offered in several colors as well as the traditional Mongolian yellow shade. The interior of our Yurts features wood lattice work beautifully finished to enhance the beauty of the structure and give it the Yurt a traditional feel. The exquisite lattice walls is second to none. Yurtspaces center ring designs and colors enhance the woodwork of the rafters. L series Yurts are recognized by the grand designs of the rafters and dome areas as well as the structure composition. Yurtspaces design library designed by Mongolian artisans offer many traditional Mongolian designs and colors. Standard entrance is 5.9 feet L series 6.0 feet. Inside the Yurt the height opens to the enhanced rafters and domes.    
  • YE European Yurt Units

    YE European Yurt Units

    Lattice wall: steamed and curved ash wood 1,5*3cm, fastened with metal furniture connecting screws. Finshed with oil Strap: the lattice wall is held together by a strap (from 4 to 8 diameters) Doors: dried soild pine finished with Milesi wood protector Rafters: dried soild pine finished with oil Ring and dome: The ring is glued and screwed dried soild pine, finished with Milesi wood protector. Plexi dome is made by curved polycarbonate or acrylic. Material warranty for dome is 10 years. Does not apply to usage damage. Steel cable is used for 33 foot yurts. Steel “L” plate, 40 x 40 x 40 mm, attached to deck with four screws, and the ring to rafters. Rafters are attached to poles with 40*160mm perforated corner plates Cover: 200 g/m² light fabric is a 100% polyester fabric, which is coated with acrylate on one side. The coating has outstanding properties in comparison with piece dyed polyester or cotton. Weather resistant to -40degrees .Cover is resistant against water pressure, Weatherproof, UV- resistant, anti-microbal, stain resistant and water repellent. Cover has 8 inch PVC mudguard. Extra wind protector: Plastic based, UV resistant ropes. Maximum wind 75 mph. Extra snow kit is available. Insulation: 5 layers of isulation, including 4 layers of antimicrobal and breathable 400g/m2 geo-felt and 1 layer of SolFlex breathable vapor permeable foil. Fire rate: Choose fire proof cover, and flame retardant finishing for the wood structure.    
  • Sizing

    Yurts range in size from 6 to 66 feet in diameter.

    Assembly & Maintenance

    Our Yurts are designed for easy assembly. Yurts require minimal maintenance. The yurt fabric covering is UV-resistant. They can be cleaned with a light soap solution or a power washer.

    Worldwide Shipping

    Yurts are shipped to locations worldwide. Our clients come from many different countries. Shipping to your designated location is arranged by our logistics department.

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    General Information

    Yurtspaces yurts are produced in Mongolia and Europe. Mongolia is the originator of yurts. Our designs are authentic, our quality second to none. Each yurt is produced to our clients requirements. The materials used are all the finest quality. Yurts should be installed on a raised platform. Yurts are used year round in all types of climates.

    History of Yurts

    Yurts have been a distinctive feature of life in Central Asia for at least 3000 years. The first written description of a yurt used as a dwelling was recorded by Herodotus of Halicarnassus, who lived in Greece between 484 and 424 BC. Yurts have been well-documented through history. The Buryat Mongolian community of Siberia claim their land as the birthplace of the ger, and the earliest known depiction of the structure comes from a bronze bowl unearthed in the Zagros Mountains of Iran. The bowl dates to about 600 BCE Yurts were built to be used in Central Asian steppes. A steppe is a flat, dry grassland, where trees are scarce. The circular shape of the yurt resists heavy winds.. Nomads used these shelters as movable homes when pursuing herds of sheep, yaks, and other animals..


    Yurts can be cleaned with mild soap and water or power washer on light setting. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of the yurt.

    Shipping of Yurts

    If yurts are not in stock generally it takes about 8 weeks to ship to a client. We use several shippers and shipping services. Depending on the size and the final destination will determine which method of shipping will be used. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the receiver.