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Authentic Mongolian Yurts: View Our Extensive Line of Yurts For Sale .

USA’s leading Yurt Company Yurtspaces is the perfect destination for Authentic, Luxurious, and Custom-designed Yurts. Made from the finest materials and designed by Skilled Artisans and Engineers. Yurtspaces offers even more.

Yurtspaces offers an extensive product line.

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  • Mongolian Yurts

    Mongolian Yurts

    Yurtspaces offers many authentic Mongolian yurt patterns and colors for the exterior of the yurt. Custom carvings and custom colors painted by hand adorn the interior of our yurts .  All our yurts are custom made to our clients requirements. Find The Perfect Yurt:

    Traditional YM Series

    Structure is composed of pine wood. The body is three layers exterior choice of colors and patterns on waterproof  canvas, middle layer is wool-felt insulation and interior layer is magnificent silk under lattice work . Choose your accessories ,choose your colors and patterns. Our team of experts will guide you.
    Read more about Traditional YM Series  

    YM L  Series

    Structure is built from steel framing with wooden roof. Yurt is three layers ,waterproof canvas choice of colors and patterns , wool-felt insulation  and silk under wood lattice walls inside . Handcrafted dome-work with choice of patterns . Skylight, clients can choose style.  Many features available .Our team of experts will guide you, Read more about YM L  Series  

    YM XL Series

    Structure is built from imported wood with spectacular handcrafted and hand-painted features.  XL is three layers offering many exterior colors and patterns of canvas. Interior insulation is wool-felt. The lining interior is silk choice of colors . Hand painted and hand-crafted  rafters , doors ,poles adorn the yurt. Our team of experts will design the yurt to your specifications . Read more about YM XL Series  
  • Traditional Mongolian Yurts

    Traditional Mongolian Yurts

    Structure is composed of pine wood. The body is three layers exterior choice of colors and patterns on waterproof  canvas, middle layer is wool-felt insulation and interior layer is magnificent silk under lattice work . Choose your accessories ,choose your colors and patterns. Our team of experts will guide you.
  • Steel and Wooden Yurts

    Steel and Wooden Yurts

    The YM L series yurts with steel frame are among the strongest and safest yurts on the market . The steel frame gives added strength for yurts that are installed in extreme weather areas. The YM L series offers hand carvings on the doors and interior features . The yurt can be custom made to the clients requirements .
  • Hand Crafted Mongolian Yurts

    Hand Crafted Mongolian Yurts

    Hand crafted yurts are magnificent structures. The interior features are all hand painted and hand crafted to give the yurt a special luxury feeling. To be used as homes or campings, Those mongolian yurts are naturally adapted to fit all your indoors and outdoors. Yurtspaces has everything you need to enhance your outdoor experience.  
  • YE European Yurts

    YE European Yurts

    Lattice wall: steamed and curved ash wood 1,5*3cm, fastened with metal furniture connecting screws. Finshed with oil Strap: the lattice wall is held together by a strap (from 4 to 8 diameters) Doors: dried soild pine finished with Milesi wood protector Rafters: dried soild pine finished with oil Ring and dome: The ring is glued and screwed dried soild pine, finished with Milesi wood protector. Plexi dome is made by curved polycarbonate or acrylic. Material warranty for dome is 10 years. Does not apply to usage damage. Steel cable is used for 33 foot yurts. Steel “L” plate, 40 x 40 x 40 mm, attached to deck with four screws, and the ring to rafters. Rafters are attached to poles with 40*160mm perforated corner plates Cover: 200 g/m² light fabric is a 100% polyester fabric, which is coated with acrylate on one side. The coating has outstanding properties in comparison with piece dyed polyester or cotton. Weather resistant to -40degrees .Cover is resistant against water pressure, Weatherproof, UV- resistant, anti-microbal, stain resistant and water repellent. Cover has 8 inch PVC mudguard. Extra wind protector: Plastic based, UV resistant ropes. Maximum wind 75 mph. Extra snow kit is available. Insulation: 5 layers of isulation, including 4 layers of antimicrobal and breathable 400g/m2 geo-felt and 1 layer of SolFlex breathable vapor permeable foil. Fire rate: Choose fire proof cover, and flame retardant finishing for the wood structure.
  • Home


    Yurtspaces yurts range in sizes from 6 feet to 66 feet in diameter. Choose the size that is right for you.

    Assembly & Maintenance

    Our Yurts are designed for easy assembly. Yurts require minimal maintenance. The yurt fabric covering is UV-resistant. They can be cleaned with a light soap solution or a power washer.

    Worldwide Shipping

    Yurts are shipped to locations worldwide. Our clients come from many different countries. Shipping to your designated location is arranged by our logistics department.

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    Indigenous Housing with Genuine Yurts for Sale

    Originated from the Historic Designs and Architecture, & adapted for Style and Significance, Modern Yurts at Yurtspaces are comfy and smart enough to make your Summers cool, Outdoors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Yurts

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    What is a Yurt?

    A Yurt is an ancient portable shelter designed for and by the nomads of early Mongolian and Turkish settlements. It is a round tent made up of wooden or metallic frames covered with skins and fur that helped keep them warm during the severe winters of Central Asia and Europe. Originated thousands of years ago, in the heart of Mongolia, the concept of the yurt radically spread across the parts of Central Asia and Europe and was adapted by seasoned settlers as their primary shelter to house during the frequent changes in the earlier settlements. Explore our Yurt Circle to know more about Yurts and what it takes to purchase an excellent yurt of your choice.

    What is a yurt house/tent?

    A yurt house/tent is a modern form of adaptation that is inspired by the designs, features, customizations, and expandability that an authentic yurt provides. A Yurt house or Yurt tent is a contemporary form of yurt that expands the horizon of living freely outdoors in nature while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a typical home.

    What is the average cost of a yurt?

    On average, the cost of a yurt ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 based on the area and diameter of the settlement. This is not specific and may vary according to the size, specs, framework design, and customization included in the purchase or build. Authentic designs with custom frameworks may even range from $20,000 to $40,000. With genuine products and the best in quality materials, this might be the best price range for a caliber yurt home. To know more about the Yurt cost/prices visit our Pricing page at Reach out to us for the best deals on Authentic Mongolian and Custom-made Yurts from Mongolia and Europe. Contact us and one of our specialists will help you design a yurt made to your specification.

    What are some yurt camping options near me?

    Yurtspaces provides the best options for camping and glamping in a yurt. Our yurts can be used all year round and are suitable for a variety of purposes. Explore our exclusive selection of Yurt Options to choose from.