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Yurts range in size from 6 to 66 feet in diameter.

Assembly & Maintenance

Our Yurts are designed for easy assembly. Yurts require minimal maintenance. The yurt fabric covering is UV-resistant. They can be cleaned with a light soap solution or a power washer.

Worldwide Shipping

Yurts are shipped to locations worldwide. Our clients come from many different countries. Shipping to your designated location is arranged by our logistics department.

Mongolian Yurts

Bottom Margin

Luxury L Series Yurts:
• The L series Mongolian Yurts features include hand crafted wood carvings on the ring, rafters ,poles and doors .
• Hand painted designer wood lattice, poles  windows and doors

Traditional  Mongolian  Yurts:

Outfitted with natural wood  on the rings, rafters, poles, and doors.

Bottom Margin

Model Number Size Sq Ft Sell Price
YM300 10ft 79 $4,400
YM365 12ft 115 $5,200
YM400 13ft 136 $5,700
YM487 16ft 200 $6,500
YM600 20ft 314 $7,800
YM730 24ft 452 $8,900
YM914 30ft 685 $12,500
YM1100 36ft 1023 $19,125
YM1200 40ft 1217 $20,800
YM1370 45ft 1590 $34,500
YM1525 50ft 1963 $43,355
YM2000 66ft 3241 $82,340

Model Number Size Sq Ft Sell Price
YM487L 16ft 200 $9,800
YM600L 20ft 314 $10,580
YM730L 24ft 452 $12,400
YM914L 30ft 685 $16,800
YM1100L 36ft 1023 $22,800
YM1200L 40ft 1217 $29,875
YM1370L 45ft 1590 $43,670
YM1525L 50ft 1963 $50,380
YM2000L 66ft 3241 $126,000

European Yurts

Bottom Margin

Model Number Size in m Size in m Insulation Sell Price
YE613 4m/1.45h 13ft/4.8ft non insulated $6,800
YE613I 4m/1.45h 13ft/4.8ft insulated $8,100
YE616 5m/1.45 16ft/4.8ft non insulated $7,700
YE616I 5m/1.45 16ft/4.8ft insulated $9,400
YE620 6m/1.8h 20ft/ 6ft non insulated $10,400
YE620I 6m/1.8h 20ft/ 6ft insulated $12,800
YE623 7m/1.8 23ft / 6ft non insulated $11,400
YE623I 7m/1.8 23ft / 6ft insulated $14,200
YE626 8m/1.85 26ft/6ft non insulated $13,300
YE626I 8m/1.85 26ft/6ft insulated $16,500
YE633 10m/2m 32ft/6.5ft non insulated $24,200
YE633I 10m/2m 32ft/6.5ft insulated $27,500

EU Series doors and windows

Bottom Margin

Yurt size Door size Price
13ft 39in x 57in $1,400
16ft 39in x 57in $1,400
20ft 57in x 70in $1,500
23ft 57in x 70in $1,500
26ft 57in x 70in $1,600
33ft 61in x 78in $2,000

Window size Price
23 x23 inches $400
23 x35 inches $550