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YT Yurt tents

YT Yurt tents

Tentspaces YT series are designed for people who are looking for long term camping home in a tent which is durable and long lasting without maintenance.

The frame of the tent is made with hard pressed extruded Aluminum alloy which is robust as well as light weight. The cover is designed with durable PVC coated polyester textile which have excellent endurance against all weather extremities. The cover of the tent is offered with optional printing service which can be customized according to user’s requirements. The tent is well ventilated and features roof windows for sunlight during the day and view of the starry sky during the night.

YT series tents are available in range of sizes and affordable prices to meet your camping home needs.

Model Number Size Floor area Price
YT5300 15 ft 212 sq ft $7,400
YT6300 20 ft 305 sq ft $8,300
YT8300 26 ft 541 sq ft $11,750
YT1020 33 ft 845 sq ft $16,500
YT3900 39 ft 1217 sq ft $20,950
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Frame: Hard pressed extruded Aluminum alloy
Canopy: Double PVC coated polyester // Flame retardant, UV protection (UV50+), Waterproof, Anti-mildew // Color: White
Base: Strong base foundation with reinforcements
Windows: Side Windows: PVC clear (retractable) // Roof Windows: PVC
Doors: Aluminum alloy+Tempered glass
Other: Printing on cover: Optional printing on cover available
Ventilation: PVC coated polyester windows
Insulation: Optional available // Optional: Curtain and rod set
Heating: Optional: Wood stove or mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Other: Power & Water supply: Solar or Generator. Can be connected to existing electrical and water supply
We ship our yurts anywhere in the world.
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