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About Us

Yurtspaces is the USA’s leading company in providing the finest yurts. Yurts can be used year-round. Suitable living for all types of climates. A yurt is a substantial round tent frame of wood or steel along with decorative interior features. Yurts are friendly to the environment and meet the criteria of sustainability. Yurtspaces provides authentic Mongolian Yurts and handcrafted European Yurts at great prices!


Yurtspaces offers the highest quality yurts designed by skilled craftsmen. We design our yurts according to our client’s needs. Yurtspaces yurts are a perfect choice for a first or second home out in nature. Create lasting memories with yurtspaces.

Our yurts are suited for outdoor living as well as special occasions, or corporate events. Explore our collection of yurts. Enjoy the experience of living off the grid in a yurt!

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Yurts range in size from 6 to 66 feet in diameter.

Assembly & Maintenance

Our Yurts are designed for easy assembly. Yurts require minimal maintenance. The yurt fabric covering is UV-resistant. They can be cleaned with a light soap solution or a power washer.

Worldwide Shipping

Yurts are shipped to locations worldwide. Our clients come from many different countries. Shipping to your designated location is arranged by our logistics department.

Knowledge and Reach

Powered by corporate clients and individuals with diverse professional backgrounds who are interested in yurts and the convenience it provides. We provide yurts to enhance our client’s business and make their outdoor lives more convenient, and memorable. We drive the yurt market and guide innovations for the yurt industry.


Bottom Margin

Everything we do at Yurtspaces is guided by our values:
- Put clients first
- Do the right thing
- Always develop exceptional ideas
- Give back