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Make Every Moment Memorable With Domespace’s Tipis!

Perfect for glamping, weddings, and corporate events, our Tipis provide a unique experience you won’t forget! Tipis are versatile structures that connect your event to the outdoors. They are convertible, allowing for open or closed concept spaces, making them perfect for taking in the view or camping overnight! They are suitable for use as venues in a variety of weather conditions.

The Tipis are held up with 9 to 12 poles, making them simple and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to handle wind, rain, snow, and heat. Their versatility and easy set-up make them ideal for a quick weekend getaway, but they are reliable enough for long-term stays, too!

Safe, comfortable, and functional, these tipis offer a unique experience guests will love!

Tipi Model Options

Model Number Height in ft Diameeter in ft Sell Price
TPT1407 32ft tall 45ft wide $31,900
TPT1040 24ft tall 34ft wide $24,500
TPT2600 16ft tall 21ft wide $18,000
TPT7300 18ft tall 24ft wide $13,500
TPT6400 16ft tall 21ft wide $10,500
TPT6400f 16ft tall 21ft wide $12,500
TPT3300 10ft tall 13ft wide $7,200
TPT6410 12ft tall 20.6ft wide $5,900

Entrance Customizations:

  • Triangular door curtains
  • Triangular wooded door
  • Wooden walls (optional door)
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