Mongolian Yurts


Yurtspaces authentic Mongolian units are constructed to last many years.

Yurtspaces offer many authentic Mongolian yurt patterns and designs in the YM and YML series. The solid colors include white, tan and green.

The support frame is steel in L series and wood in standard version. The frame is hidden by three layers of protection including a decorative cloth for interior walls.

Optional additional insulation is available

1.Exterior is waterproof canvas. Available in several styles and colors. Or use the wool for the exterior. Anything is possible

2.Middle layer is wool felt for additional insulation

3.Interior layer of silk type cloth is offered in several colors as well as the traditional Mongolian yellow shade.
The interior of our Yurts features wood lattice work beautifully finished to enhance the beauty of the structure and give it the Yurt a traditional feel.
The exquisite lattice walls is second to none.
Yurtspaces center ring designs and colors enhance the woodwork of the rafters.

L series Yurts are recognized by the grand designs of the rafters and dome areas as well as the structure composition.

Yurtspaces design library designed by Mongolian artisans offer many traditional Mongolian designs and colors.

Standard entrance is 5.9 feet L series 6.0 feet. Inside the Yurt the height opens to the enhanced rafters and domes.

Luxury L Series Yurts:
• The L series Mongolian Yurts features include hand crafted wood carvings on the ring, rafters, poles and doors.
• Hand painted designer wood lattice, poles windows and doors.

Traditional Mongolian Yurts:
Outfitted with natural wood on the rings, rafters, poles, and doors.