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Energy-Efficient: Why Mongolian Yurts Are the Perfect Accommodation Option


Yurts : When house perfection meets Ecology

If you are looking for a unique way to experience Mongolian culture, then you
have come to the right place. Genghis Khan, who established the Mongol Empire,
is credited with creating the Mongolian Yurt. Yurts were a common kind of housing
among nomadic cultures since they were simple to erect, dismantle, and move. With
the help of their herds of animals, which gave them access to food, milk, and wool,
they could migrate to new pastures and water supplies fast.

What are Mongolian Yurts?

The nomadic tribes of Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, employ Mongolian yurts,
sometimes called gers, A great engineering achievement is the building of a
Mongolian yurt. which are traditional and movable circular homes. They are
composed of natural materials like felt and wood, are simple to assemble, and can
be carried simply, making them perfect for a nomadic existence. With a timber lattice
structure, felt insulation, and canvas covers, Mongolian yurts feature a distinctive
technical layout. The roof is supported by the centre roof ring, often called the crown,
which also allows for ventilation and natural light. Several spaces are assigned for
sleeping, cooking (The Yurts centre is home to a tiny burner known as a Bukhari that
serves as both a heater and a cooking station.), and socializing in a yurt’s interior,
which is straightforward yet functional. Being a genuine and eco-friendly lodging
choice, Mongolian yurts have grown in popularity with travellers. Enhance your
comprehension by consistently reading more about Yurts: An alternative to traditional

Yurts for sale


Advantages Of Mongolian Yurts

The advantages of Mongolian yurts over other forms of housing are
numerous. They are ideal for nomad lives because they are transportable and
simple to put up. Because Mongolia is rich in natural resources like wood and
wool, they are also environmentally friendly. Yurts are also energy-efficient
since their felt insulation helps to keep the interior cool in the summer and
warm in the winter.
Mongolian yurts are now more commonly utilized by visitors as a distinctive
and genuine travel experience than merely by nomadic herders. Numerous
tour companies provide Yurt stays, giving tourists a chance to encounter the
customary hospitality and culture of Mongolia. Yurt camps, which offer a cozy
and distinctive lodging alternative, are also growing in popularity for outdoor
events and festivals.
A Mongolian Yurts interior is simple yet functional. Family photos, tapestries,
and bright fabrics are used to adorn the walls. Rugs or mats cover the floor,
and the only furniture is modest tables and stools, the Yurts architecture
makes the most of its constrained space.


Yurts leader   provides the ideal solution if you’re seeking a special approach to
exploring Mongolian culture. We provide genuine Mongolian yurts that may be
specially customized to your requirements and are produced in Mongolia.
Our yurts are constructed from natural materials and are offered in a variety of hues
and patterns, including both classic and modern designs. As each of our yurts is
handcrafted using age-old techniques, no two are precisely the same. Here at
Yurtspaces, we offer everything you might want, whether you’re searching for
something classic or more contemporary. You may choose a Mongolian yurt from

our wide variety of designs and sizes to meet all of your requirements.

Express your interest today, you’ll be contacted soon by our team

    Reading consistently at yurts of america will provide you with more info about Yurts.
    yurts of america offer three types of Mongolian Yurts:

    Traditional YM Series:

    The structure is composed of pine wood. The body is made
    up of three layers: a waterproof canvas outside with your choice of colors and
    designs, a middle layer of wool-felt insulation, and an exquisite silk internal layer
    covered with latticework. You can pick the colours and designs for your accessories,
    and you will also be led by our knowledgeable staff.

    Yurts -YM L  Series:

    Steel framework and a timber roof make up the structure. Three
    layers help compensate the yurt, including a waterproof canvas in a variety of
    colours and designs, wool-felt insulation, and silk under the inside wood lattice walls.
    Handmade dome-work in a variety of designs. Skylight, you may pick the look. There
    are several characteristics.

    Yurts-YM XL Series:

    An impressive constructed and hand-painted structure made of
    imported wood. Three layers make up XL, which offers a variety of external canvas
    colours and designs. Wool-felt is used as insulation inside. Inside silk lining comes in
    a variety of patterns. The yurt is decorated with hand-painted and hand-crafted
    rafters, doors, and poles.

    In conclusion, Mongolian yurts are a significant component of Central Asian nomadic
    culture since they offer a cozy and welcoming refuge in arid environments. They are
    a desirable alternative for contemporary visitors looking for a genuine and
    sustainable experience because of their straightforward yet useful design and eco-
    friendly materials.
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