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Glamping Dubai: Luxury Camping in The United Arab Emirates

Forget tents and slumming it. Introducing the ultimate in luxury camping – The Yurt!

Go Glamping at Yurts Glamping Dubai, your holiday home in the United Arab Emirates.


Create memories and enjoy a relaxing stay in one of our beautiful model yurts, Our stylish and luxury camping has many modern features that are perfect for any staycation!

Glamping in luxurious yurts is the perfect way to enjoy nature, yet remain pampered. Located in the United Arab Emirates near Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Yurts Glamping Dubai offers glamping experiences in stylish, canvas-walled circular tents that are designed for maximum comfort. With a wide array of offerings ranging from one night to an entire week, Yurts Glamping Dubai makes it easy to experience what “glamping” is all about.

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Yurts have earned their place in the world of outdoor recreation and traveling, too. Whether you’re going for a camp out at the beach or hoping to re-create your own version of The Sound of Music, yurts are here for you.

Longing to break free? Then grab your passport because you’re off to glamping in the United Arab Emirates! Glamping in the United Arab Emirates is a new way of experiencing desert life for the urban dweller. Glamping in an Arabian-style yurt can be easily placed in the middle of any desert area, as it is strong, lightweight, and easy to assemble all by yourself. The luxury of modern design meets the need for instant gratification that a vacation provides.

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Why not try glamping?

  • Glamping is basically glamour camping, staying in a luxurious tent with all the comfort of luxury. To make things easier for you, we will explain different types of yurts like mongolian yurt, wooden yurt, modern yurts, yurt homes, etc, and their usage according to your needs.
  • Yurts are the ultimate accommodation when it comes to camping in the desert. With glass windows, air-conditioning, and a private toilet and shower, the yurt is not only luxurious but also has a unique design that will catch your eye and make you want one of these homely huts for yourself.
  • Yurts make for an unforgettable experience for couples and families alike, giving you a place where you can relax at night and feel like you’re in your own little world.


Yurts are a great way to make your vacations memorable.

  • Glamping is a trend that has taken over the world by storm. It is a holidaying experience that combines camping with the luxury of staying in a hotel.
  • The idea behind glamping is to give people the chance to enjoy nature and the great outdoors while staying in comfort and style with yurts.
  • Glamping isn’t just about sleeping under the stars though; it’s about spending quality time with family members or friends and enjoying each other’s company.
  • You can find many types of yurts like a metal yurt, mongolian yurts, traditional yurt, luxury yurt interior, traditional mongolian tent and more at and all of them are suitable for camping and living. Yurts can be used as a house, hotel, or restaurant. 


Luxury Yurts

  • Yurts are traditionally made of wood, but these luxurious versions are made from modern materials such as aluminum, steel, and glass. They have a more airy and open feel than traditional yurts due to their large windows, which allow you to enjoy the beautiful views in the background while relaxing inside.
  • The luxury yurt is also designed with an outdoor shower, sink, and toilet which makes it easier for you to enjoy nature.


Some types of yurts that you can have for your own:

  • The standard-sized yurt stands over 30ft and 16 ft yurt tall and can comfortably hold larger families or groups.
  • The deluxe model with an additional wall and skylight to provide additional privacy and insulation from the elements.
  • The extra-large version comes with a loft area that can be used as a second story or storage space making it perfect for larger families or groups who want additional space to spread out.
  • The yurt with a full canvas wall covering which provides protection against both wind and rain making it ideal for colder weather conditions.


A modern version of the traditional Mongolian yurt offers many conveniences; there are beds, tables, chairs, a kitchenette, and even shower facilities. Yurts Glamping Dubai is like an oasis of luxury in the middle of the desert.

There are a number of types of yurts like traditional mongolian tent, buying a yurt to live in, 4 season yurts for sale, garden yurt for sale that you can choose and buy a yurt of your choice which are used for camping, living, celebration any many more.

Yurts are very popular in most countries. These yurts can be used as your living place also, but mostly these are used as your camping destination. It is also a great place for enjoying yourself with friends and family.

Yurts Glamping Dubai has easy access to the campsite because it is near to many famous destinations like Wild Wadi Water Park, Atlantis Palm Hotel, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, and much more.


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